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We are a Birmingham based driving school here to help the process of getting on the go become smoother, bringing out the safe and confident driver in you.

Driving lessons

One to one individual driving lessons for new drivers and those who hold a full licence (FHL) but need little refreshing to build confident and develop their existing driving and parking skills.

Pass plus lesson & Motorway lesson

We offer pass plus lesson for those of you who would like to improve their existing driving skills by having extra training after passing their driving test.

Motorway lesson

We also offer one to one motorway lessons for those of you who want to improve on their motorway driving skills


Advice and assistance offered free of charge in getting you the best deal on your insurance premium after passing your driving test


It's the period of time teens most look forward to and parents become most anxious over: the first driving practice sessions. New drivers need hours and hours of practice behind the wheel of a car: learning everything from how much pressure to put on the brake and gas pedals to how to merge into traffic on the motorways. So we want to make these sessions as effective and stress-free as possible.

Remain Calm

As a new driver, sitting behind the wheel of a car for the first time can be a little scary. Remember that it's a large piece of machinery that will take time and patience to master operating. Know that you will make mistakes - but that's ok, that's what these sessions are for and our instructor is here to help

We will choose the Right Place

during the first few lessons, we will choose the right place for you to make your practice safe. As you become more and more comfortable behind the wheel you will begin branching out to main roads and varying road conditions.

Create a Lesson Plan

Your first sessions should include learning how to turn on the engine, adjust mirrors, adjust the seat and slowly move the car forward. Each session will be reviewed and new skills gradually added. We will create a perfect lesson plan for you to suit your needs.

Have Fun

We know that this is an exciting time in a new driver's life. So the instructor will make sure the pupil don’t get upset at the false starts and frustrations that are bound to happen. So it's okay to laugh about them, and then with your instructor go over what steps can be taken to avoid those mistakes the next time